Writing, Editing, & Design



Short Story: “Liars and Thieves”

This short story won the Ewing Citation Award and was published in Nota Bene. Excerpt: “Middle of August — the air is filled to the brim with blister-inducing Carolina heat. Swarming in the dust around your dirt-caked knees, the fire-red ants send you running out of the ditch where you and Lucia Faye have been playing “Bless His Heart,” jumping out at cars driving past before disappearing again into the ditch. You know that Lucia Faye is the real brain behind this and all other games you play with her. She knows everything: which side the moss grows on and what “state of the art” means and how lovemaking works. She’s even seen mountains out in Asheville, a place you’ll likely never see as you’re stuck living here in a place as flat as your old Meemaw’s corn cakes.”

Nota Bene Article

Editorial Work: Memo to the Lead Editor

This is part of an editorial project I worked on for a piece of fiction. After copyediting a chapter from a novel, I wrote a memo to the lead editor to explain my edits and revisions and to summarize my overall strategy.

Memo to Lead Editor



Graphic Design: Brochure Redesign

Using Adobe InDesign, I redesigned an existing brochure promoting the benefits of attending college through the Air Force. My redesign included reducing cluttered text, using images relevant to the message, and implementing a 3-panel brochure design that emphasized the most important information.

Brochure Redesign


Rhetorical Analysis: Comparing Two Websites

In this rhetorical analysis I created for a Professional Writing class, I compare and contrast two author’s websites, detailing how they reach their respective audiences through various rhetorical appeals.

Rhetorical Analysis


Book Review: The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

On my blog In Love with England, I cooperate with publishers to review British-themed books and films. This particular novel describes the lives of women in a small English village during World War II. In my review, I analyze the plot, characters, and time period to provide a comprehensive view of the book for potential readers.

Book Review


Graphic Design: Punctuation Poster

This is a design project I worked on to present a grammar rule to a general audience. I used Adobe Illustrator to design a poster about a punctuation mark, the colon, using humorous sample sentences and a simple visual design that emphasizes the punctuation mark itself as a focal point in the layout.

Punctuation Poster